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I use the TENS with great success 🙂

Many people ask about what setting they should use, but really it’s less about the settings and more about the actual stimulation. Just set it to what ever feels comfortable for you and you’re good to go!

To answer your question about whether it is as effective as pumping. Obviously suckling is the best. Pumping would be next best if you don’t have a partner, or don’t have time for suckling. TENS is good to use as a supplement – for instance if you can’t take 20 mins every 2-3 hrs to pump while you are at work, or travelling. You really just want to maintain that regular schedule of stimulation.

TENS shouldn’t be considered a replacement for suckling or pumping because it does have the drawback of not removing milk. In order to increase supply – or at the beginning to convince your body to make milk – you need to be drawing it out. Bodies respond in a demand/supply cycle. The more you demand, the more your body makes in response.

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